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Mercedes-Benz Setra: Launch of TopClass 500 coaches

SETRA, a subsidiary of Daimler Mercedes-Benz, trusted Next-Event to insure the organisation and the logistics for a 5 day product launch. Their new coach sets new standards in the premium class and is presented to European journalists on the French Riviera. With 25 european journalists back to back every day with 5 different groups throughout the week.

Upon arrival at the airport journalists were briefed with the routing and programme of the day, after the brief they enjoyed a brunch on site. Afterwards they began the test-drive from the airport in Nice all the way to Vidauban village in the Var area. The routing was carefully chosen according to various itineraries.

Once in Vidauban village they stopped for a fine buffet lunch in a magnificent winery, where the journalists were also able to drive the vehicles on the winery's paths.

After lunch they went back towards Nice, taking various roads, hill side, seaside, back country and highway, where they could continue testing the vehicles.

They were accommodated in a charming five star hotel in Saint Paul de Vence, they assisted at a press conference before a gourmet dinner. The next morning the first journalists flew back while others were landing in Nice. All groups had the same program every day.