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A century ago, Van Gogh discovered the beauty and mystery that is Provence. He found he could not leave its luminous skies, violet mountains and silver-leaved trees.


Van Gogh stayed in Provence until the end of his life, painting the vibrant sunflowers, the slender cypress trees and the provencal peasants labouring in the fields.


Land of magic light and scents, Provence is a destination for those interested in legends, traditions, history and beauty of the landscape.


“Between the Rhone and Durance rivers, living is good and God knows it” wrote Frédéric Mistral, the Provençal poet.


Fine art cities like Avignon or Aix-en-Provence, colorful markets in charming villages, lavender fields and the impressive Mediterranean coastline with its creeks and sandy beaches, mystic Camargue with its bulls and flamingos, numerous monuments of more than 2000 years of human civilization - all this is Provence, waiting to be discovered at a slow pace.